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  • Sunny Side Up has been in operation since 1982.  We are an innovative educational facility who has amazing staff longevity – some of our staff has been here from the beginning in 1982, and others have been here between 5 and 15 years.  Our staff is made up of highly trained, dedicated and professional teachers and teacher aides.



  • We offer both full and part time care providing a quality preschool experience with family friendly full day hours.
    • Our School age program provides a learning extension each day after school and on school vacations, holidays and professional days.  We offer homework help and provide experiences for children to excel both academically and socially.  This program allows families of North Haven to work and contribute to the community.
      • North Haven buses have bused both to and from Sunny Side to each of the public schools for 30 years, providing countless families with the security and convenience of an extended day.


      • Our program meets our goals to insure that all of the children we service get individualized care and learning experiences to scaffold them to the next level of learning.
        • One look through our school tells you how we value early learning and it’s important role in the success of school-aged children.  Our library is seemingly endless and our school is filled with enriching literacy and experiential opportunities.